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An active expert in corporate real estate domains, including in Office, Retail and Industrial sectors ; JAEGS Properties looks after the day-to-day management and helps you to optimise your portfolio.


Property Management

Our expertise in Property Management enables to free yourself of the administrative, technical and financial management of your building, entrusting us both as property manager and for private asset management.

JAEGS Properties therefore looks after the management of:

  • rental contracts

  • taxes and deductions

  • common rental charges / building expenses

  • insurance and the follow-up of possible claims

  • all legal security aspects

  • the asset's structural sustainability

  • complete technical availability through our help-desk 24 / 7.


Asset Management


Our independence enables us to uncover the best opportunities for enhancing the value of your Assets, while jointly analysing strategies to be applied in order to develop your investments.


JAEGS Properties provides you with advice and guidance in the management of your real estate portfolio, in order to maximize its rate of return.

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